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The Layman's 1O1 Series provides a valuable collection of comprehensive legal articles tailored for laypersons seeking to stay informed about the law and its common practices. We recognize that the inclusion of random case laws and legal principles can be overwhelming for non-legal individuals.


Therefore, our primary objective is to present these articles in a clear and accessible manner, free from complicated jargon. Our aim is to decode complex case laws and legal statutes, enabling you to enhance your understanding and gain valuable insights into the law.

Stamping Contracts 1O1

Overview What happens if a contract is not stamped in Malaysia? Can it still be enforceable? It is a common misconception that a contract...

Money Lending 1O1

Overview Due to the upward trend in inflation, many individuals are turning to borrowing money as a means to meet their financial needs....

Contractual Dispute Process 1O1

Overview Curious about the contractual dispute process in Malaysia? Let’s explore this hypothetical scenario; Pied Piper Sdn Bhd ("Pied...

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